Valentine’s Day, the EMPIRE way

Andrew and his girlfriend Kylie with EMPIRE's Miss A, 3D Graffiti Guy and an Addis Brother. Image courtesy of Andrew Cohen.

Andrew and his girlfriend Kylie with EMPIRE’s Miss A (Lucia Carbines), 3D Graffiti Guy (Memet Bilgin Rigolo) and Addis Brother Big Mac Boy (Yonas Alemu). Image courtesy of Andrew Cohen.

From Lime Green Lady and Carrot Man’s intimate ballet to, um, the banana-spitting affection between married hosts Oscar and Fanny, love is all around at EMPIRE by Spiegelworld.

So we figured what better time to give two people the chance to take a special someone along to see EMPIRE than Valentine’s Day?

The two lucky winners of our recent Facebook competition, Andrew Cohen and Hannah Robertson, took their plus ones along to see the show. We thought we’d share some snippets from their EMPIRE love letters.

“She [girlfriend Kylie] has no idea what we’re doing,” Andrew excitedly informed us before the night. And how’d the surprise date go over? “Up there with the best one ever!” So sweet!

So what was the reason he wanted to enter the comp – other than to score brownie points, of course? “I train at Aerialize [circus training school] in Sydney. Everyone’s been talking about the show.”

That’s what we love to hear – other circus folk calling EMPIRE “an entertaining show” with an “incredibly high skill level” on display.

When we asked Andrew about his favourite part of EMPIRE, he practically listed the whole show. “I love Miss A in a Bubble. Lucia Carbines is stunning and the act is an impressive way to kick off the show. I love the Addis Brothers – their act is insanely high energy and the crowd just loved it. The roller-skating duo [Blue Tarpoleon and Polka Dot Woman] were a favourite. I also really enjoyed the final act: 3D Graffiti Guy balancing the branches… such a slow, controlled, methodical act.”

And even after being pulled up on stage as “the human prop for her burlesque routine”, Andrew still had great things to say about the hosts. “I must say that Oscar and Fanny were particularly hilarious.”

But EMPIRE isn’t just for couples – it can be a family affair too.

Hannah ‘best daughter in the world’ Robertson decided to spoil her mum after hearing EMPIRE was a must-see. What did Hannah love most about EMPIRE? “The amazing acts, dancing, contortion – the whole lot!”

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to show your appreciation for your loved ones. Full of sexy boys and girls, EMPIRE is the perfect date night show. You can enjoy a drink in your seat and with so much going on to talk about there won’t be any of those awkward silences you get in a restaurant!

EMPIRE’s Melbourne season begins on March 11 and runs until April 20.

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