EMPIRE to tour New Zealand

An EMPIRE production

From New York to Australia to Japan, Spiegelworld’s EMPIRE has transfixed, transformed and sometimes outraged sold-out Spiegeltents full of brave and bold individuals, and now you sexy Kiwis are about to get a taste of the magic.

What is it?

Like most wonderful things in life, EMPIRE is difficult to properly categorise. Combining burlesque, comedy, circus and vaudeville, it’s a truly unique show with a cast that includes clowns, aerial artists, acrobats, roller skaters, a singer, a guitarist and a Half Naked Asian Dude Wearing Pigtails.

EMPIRE is no ordinary show and takes place in a far-from-ordinary stage: the Spiegeltent. This incredible feat of engineering is made up of 3000 parts that lock together without even one screw or nail, and inside lies a magical world of mirrors and ornate décor where every seat in the house feels like front row. (There’s even a pretty garden bar and table service during the show).

What are people saying?

We don’t mean to brag, but people are saying some seriously good things about us. During our Sydney tour, EMPIRE was awarded a very rare 10/10 by the kind folk at The Sun-Herald and described as, “the best show I’ve seen in years” by a seasoned Sydney Morning Herald reporter who clearly knows a good thing when they see it. The raves didn’t stop with Sydney either. The Brisbane Times said, “The athleticism and audacity of EMPIRE’s performers are a marvel. It’s now one of my picks for show of the year… the best sex of my life and I wasn’t even involved.”

Not convinced? Even the most cynical, seen-it-all-before New York reviewers had only positive things to say about EMPIRE. Time Out New York called it “spectacular and kinetically funny”, while the New York Daily News said, “Left me speechless.”

When, where and how much?

You’re in? Nice one, NZ – we knew you had the guts to get in on the action! We’ll be pitching our Spiegeltent in Christchurch from the 21st of October 2014, Wellington from the 25th of November 2014 and Auckland from the 6th of January 2015.

Tickets are priced from $59 to $149, so get in quickly, before they’ll sell out!

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