Six reasons you should see EMPIRE

Addis Brothers
There are only a few days remaining of EMPIRE’s Sydney reign and our Melbourne audiences are putting on their party faces in anticipation…

So for those of you still in the grey zone about purchasing tickets, we bring you six undeniable reasons why you need to see EMPIRE before it’s too late.

1. “You’ll never look at a banana the same way again”

When The Sydney Morning Herald declares something as “hedonistic and extremely debaucherous fun”, The Sun-Herald gives it a rare 10/10 and the Brisbane Times describes it as “the best sex of my life and I wasn’t even involved”, you don’t ask questions – you just buy tickets.

2. The Spiegeltent

As you enter the Spiegeltent, that hateful boss, annoying mother-in-law and never-ending flood of emails suddenly disappear. Take it from us: it’s impossible to feel stress inside these mirrored walls (and not just because the cocktails are flowing).

3. Miss A in a Bubble

Our cover girl kicks things off inside an aerial sphere where she twists and contorts with graceful fluidity as bubbles, lights and colours fill the tent. It’s a truly not-to-be-missed act.

4. Our global talent

From Australia’s very own Lucia Carbines (Miss A) to our roller-skating duo direct from Russia to the jaw-droppingly talented Addis Brothers from Ethiopia, our EMPIRE cast has origins that span the globe.

5. Our audience

The not-so-secret ingredient to a spectacular show is a fabulous audience, and our guests haven’t let us down once. Between the laughter and applause, you’ll also catch hilarious commentary and visible reactions. It’s people watching at its finest!

6. To avoid FOMO

Experiencing the fear of missing out? So you should. Everyone is talking about EMPIRE and we’re just about to shut up shop in Sydney, so the time is nigh to get yourself a ticket.

EMPIRE will finish its Sydney run on March 2 before beginning its Melbourne season on March 11.

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