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Your A-Z guide to EMPIRE

From Avenue A to Avenue D, New York’s Alphabet City is one of the hippest addresses in Manhattan, but only EMPIRE has the complete works from A to Z. A is for… Astonishing Acrobatics Our sensational artists perform awe-inspiring acts … Read more

Andrew and his girlfriend Kylie with EMPIRE's Miss A, 3D Graffiti Guy and an Addis Brother. Image courtesy of Andrew Cohen.

Valentine’s Day, the EMPIRE way

From Lime Green Lady and Carrot Man’s intimate ballet to, um, the banana-spitting affection between married hosts Oscar and Fanny, love is all around at EMPIRE by Spiegelworld. So we figured what better time to give two people the chance … Read more

Spiegelworld's Vegas Nocturne

EMPIRE: Spiegelworld opens Vegas Nocturne

It’s with great pride and some serious fanfare that Spiegelworld announces the opening of Vegas Nocturne, the first resident show at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. As EMPIRE continues selling out shows Australia-wide, Spiegelworld’s latest creation Vegas Nocturne is like … Read more

An EMPIRE Australia Day show

An EMPIRE Australia Day

What were you doing on Australia Day this year? Listening to the Triple J Hottest 100? Throwing another clichéd shrimp on the barbie? Boring! Or were you one of the lucky 1000 or so patrons who got to see members … Read more