Relive the EMPIRE magic, act-by-act

EMPIRE: Gorilla Girls

We know a sparkling Spiegeltent sitting empty is really nothing more than a glorified cubby house, so for those who are yet to see the show, and those who just want to relive EMPIRE again and again, we bring you an act-by-act recount…

Our fabulous Miss A in a Bubble (Lucia Carbines) opens the show in “spectacular fashion”, as The Sydney Morning Herald  put it, performing “numerous acrobatic moves, twisting and contorting for all to admire” while inside a giant bubble.

Between the death-defying stunts and hold-your-breath moments, our hosts Oscar and Fanny provide just the right amount of comedic relief. Time Out  says they deliver “numerous open-mouthed what-the-f*** moments for even the most jaded ‘been-there-done-that’ audience member” while Miss Purple and Moondog provide the soundtrack that weaves the acts together.

Our trio of lingerie-clad Gorilla Girls fly through the air, twist their way through a series of jaw-dropping contortions and “make small-scale human skyscrapers that look as concrete as their engineered counterparts.” Or at least that’s what Crikey  reckons!

3D Graffiti Guy (Memet Bilgin Rigolo) gives a little teaser of his incredible patience and balance with the spinning top act before Blue Tarpoleon and Polka Dot Woman make extreme roller skating even more extreme – at least according to Stage Noise.

Lime Green Lady and Carrot Man perform an act that Crikey accurately called “poetry in motion”. This act takes the cake in the sexy stakes thanks, in part, to the slow-tease pace which builds to a heart-stopping climax.

The next act is a crowd favourite and perhaps one of the most talked about in the whole show, as described by Aussie Theatre:  “The Addis Brothers from Ethiopia astounded us with foot juggler Black Flintstone, who threw around Big Mac Boy like a hacky-sac.”

Our Half Naked Asian Dude Wearing Pigtails was one of only two jaw-dropping incidents Ian Warden from The Canberra Times experiences annually – need we say more?

For the finale, 3D Graffiti Guy is back with the Sanddornbalance, a balancing act to end all balancing acts that, as described by Australian Stage, is “a genuinely awe-inspiring demonstration of physics, focus, steadiness.”

And that, our friends, is our spellbinding show!

If you haven’t seen EMPIRE yet, there’s still time. The Sydney season ends on March 2 before opening in Melbourne on March 11.

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